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Journal Buddies for Tween Girls and boys

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Happy Girl with Her Copies of Journal Buddies

Kids, Parents, Teachers, Moms, Aunts all love Journal Buddies! These award-winning girl journals and boy journals make fabulous gifts.

Buy one, two, ten or more and see your child smile just as Brittney did when she received Journal Buddies for a birthday gift from her aunt.


Jill Schoenberg, Journal Buddies AuthorJill Schoenberg was born and raised in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Youth Studies and Sociology from the University of Minnesota and loves to create exciting, fun and engaging journaling tools, articles and resources for kids, parents and teachers.

She is passionate about empowering young people to understand and strengthen their self-esteem, creative talents and life-skills.

Read an interview with Jill about the Journal Buddies book series here.