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~ Gretta, Mom of 4

“A Perfect Gift for Young Girls”
~ Dove Review

“An awesome product to build confidence and
empower children!”
~ Katherine, Give Peas a Chance Blog

“I love how Journal Buddies not only allows my daughter to explore her feelings, emotions, and dreams, but it can also be a fun way to bond with friends! … I love the entire Journal Buddies concept and message”
~ Marcie Wahrer,
Obviously MARvelous

“Jill, your Mom’s Choice Award-winning
journals are awesome!”

~ Dawn Matheson, Executive Director, Mom’s Choice Awards

Abi with Journal Buddies

Abi with Journal Buddies

“Journal Buddies are so helpful!”
~ Lala Saves You Money

~ Tales from Tamylyne

“We (my daughter and I) shared a beautiful experience that without the urging of Journal Buddies we would have never had.”
~Rita’s Book Reviews

“I think this is so cool!” ~ Amber

“Once my daughter realized that this was her journal and
she could do whatever she wanted with it,
including pictures, poems, stickers, songs etc…
she was ecstatic!
~ Dawn,

“Journal Buddies really boosted my daughter’s self esteem!”
~ Shanee

“Journal Buddies is a counselor’s dream!”
~ Emmi Langer

Girls Journal ReviewA unique twist to the traditional journal.”
~ The Thrifty Things Blogspot

“A delightful ingenious journal”
~ Loving Heart Mommy

“I love this journal” ~ Hayley

 “Journal Buddies helped us learn more about each other as sisters, more about our friends and it brought out some creative energy…” ~ ShoeString Girlz

“My daughter loves this book!.”
~ One Busy Mama

“A fabulous journal!”
~ Jakell

“VERY wish list worthy item for girls”
~ Wish List Worthy

“An awesome creative journaling tool!”
~ Shelley – Mom Blogger, Finding My Life in Faith

“I really, really love this journal!  Koodos to Journal Buddies.  Every child needs one.”
~ Annette

“Using Journal Buddies was easy. I simply spent a little time once a day for 30 days with Victoria going through each section. We shared and journaled things, got closer, and she managed to blossom through learning the things I love about her. We shared a beautiful experience! “
~ Rita’s Book Reviews


“I love Journal Buddies”
~Angie, Mom of 2


“Very highly recommended”
~ Midwest Book Review


“There are so many reasons
why I absolutely LOVE Journal Buddies”
~ Tami Winbush


You are invited to watch the following
book review of Journal Buddies that is
by and for girls.


“I love it!”
~ Mimi

“I love it, too!”
~ Noelle

“A wonderful journal.”
~ Mike


“This is one of the most constructive books that I’ve seen for young girls in a long time!!
I love this book.”
~Casey Deuce


“I really like what Journal Buddies does to encourage self-esteem, relationships, and positive feelings.”
~ Cindi Herman, Little Yaya’s

“A fantastic book!”
~ Gretta Johns, The Johns Family Blog

“This shared Journal was
wonderful for me and my son…
I really like Journal Buddies.”
~  Brittany, Mom Blogger
Hot Tips 4 U

“A great tool for any child
to improve their self- worth”
~ Angela’s Bits

“Journal Buddies promotes creative journaling…
Best of all, it encourages kindheartedness and
consideration of another’s feelings”
~ Brimful Curiosities

“Journal Buddies is a fun way to help your child feel
good about herself in just minutes a day.”

~ Stacey Moore

“I give this book two thumbs up!”
~ Erica Visser

Happy Girl with Copy of Journal Buddies“A great way to help kids feel good about themselves.”
~ Emmy

“These journals allow kids the creative expression they crave.”
~ Type-A Parent

“These journals are amazing!”
~ Bzzzing Mom’s Review

“I was very excited to see what Journal Buddies was all about .”
~ Natalie, The Book Inn

“I love this journal it really does help get today’s youth more engaged in learning the self discovery process.” ~ Christy Vandeusen

“One of the best kids journals on the market!”
~ Stephanie Grant

“Journal Buddies is such a wonderful concept.”
~ This Mama Loves Her Bargains

Natalie’s son gives his review of the boys journal in this video review:

“This is one of the best books”
~ Tatum’s Family Reviews

“A fantastic journaling resource”
~ A Simple Walk


“A great way to encourage kids to enjoy writing and will help with reading.”
~ New Age Mama


” A wonderful creative journal for boys.”
~ Dove Review

Boy Focused on Creating a Masterpiece in His Copy of Journal Buddies

“Not only will this journal build your child’s self-esteem, it will foster his creativity.”
~ Rockin’ Mama

“This is such a GREAT book!”
~ She Scribes

“A great way to enhance ones love of writing while building self esteem.”
~ Maria’s Space

“A wonderful tool!”
~ Just a Mom’s Take On Things

“An innovative kids journal that is interactive, creative, easy, effective and fun.”
~ Busy Mommy Product Review

“This journal is unique and I love the concept!
~ The Glamorous WAHM

“An adorable journal”
~ From Melissa’s Desk

“Journal Buddies is simply brilliant!”
~ “Aunt” Laya Saul

“I highly recommend this journal.”
~ Alana Morales, Book Reviews Editor,

“A wonderful journal”
~Christian Lewis,

“Share some positive energy with a girl you know by giving her the gift of Journal Buddies.”
~Michelle Dunn, Author

“This journal is
~Janie Franz,

“Journal Buddies is a wonderful resource for parents and a fun way for children to express themselves and their feelings.”
~ Shawn Harrington

“A wonderful system for girls to gain acceptance
of themselves and others.”

Yet another video review of Journal Buddies
(please note that journal supplies are no longer included).

“Journal Buddies is a wonderful journal designed to
help boost girls self-esteem.”
~Gayle Trent